The Mission of Presley’s Produce, beyond growing produce, is to help others. We are going to give back to the world in her name. On Thursday the 30th we were granted an opportunity to help a young man and his family. I saw a news report about Chase and this project. After seeing the newscast, Rhea and I committed to help any way we could. After 4 or 5 calls on Friday, I was able to track down the people organizing the project and asked to help and was welcomed with open arms.

Over the next week MANY, MANY people and businesses contributed to make this a reality!! There were long hours and lots of “stuff” required to remove the old deck and create their new outdoor living space in a week’s time. It was AWESOME!!! Every day, a new person or business provided something and the scope increased!!

The pain we felt at times learning about a family going through the same things we did was difficult. However, some of this pain was washed away as we drove home, from the joy of helping and pleasure of making new friends. It was not about what anyone person gave; the giving is what is important during times like this. We feel blessed and proud that we could be a small part of this and connect with others that wanted to share resources, experience, and prayers for a family in need.

Presley, we know you were with us and that you are proud of the legacy we will create helping others in your name.
Rhea, myself, Presley’s Produce are blessed to have been even a small part of this. ❤

Please take a few moments to watch the video and follow Chase’s Journey.