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Partnership and Support

Titan LED Indy partners with Presley’s Produce 

Through a generous arrangement with Titan LED, Presley’s Produce has a premier supporter as we look to expand our activities into 2023 and beyond. Going forward, 30% of all sales through Titan LED Indy will go to funding new expansion initiatives for Presley’s Produce. As we look toward the future, we’re proud to have the support of the whole Titan LED Family, and hope you’ll choose them for your commercial lighting needs.


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Titan LED lighting


At Titan we provide a wide range of proprietary and groundbreaking products engineered to install and retrofit almost every existing legacy lighting system. We can make a difference in Retail, Hospitals, Municipalities, Warehouse and Manufacturing among others.


Manufacturing Facilities

Titan Lighting provides many benefits including but not limited to Cost, Quality,
and Safety.

Qualified Products

high bays linear tube lighting
shoe boxes wall packs


Car & Truck Dealerships

How safe is your Lot? Titan Lighting can increase the safety and the presentation of your inventory and customers thereby increasing your foot traffic.

Qualified Products

2X2 High Bay Troffer Fuel Canopy
Linear Tube Lighting Shoeboxes Wall Packs


distribution & warehouse

If your facility is not properly lit there will be wasted square footage. Having the proper light levels allows your products to be picked and packed correctly the FIRST time. In addition to creating a safer work environment for your employees.

Qualified Products

high bays linear tube lighting
shoe boxes wall packs


horticulture/grow lights

Having full spectrum lighting within your grow facility will lower your cost of production while increasing the look, feel and taste of your produce or plants.

Qualified Products

grow lights


parking lots

Lowering the operation costs of a this necessary, non-revenue producing area while increasing safety is what we can provide with a custom Titan Solution.

Qualified Products

shoe boxes wall packs


grocery stores & retail

Our Lighting can increase the longevity of Meats and Produce over the legacy lighting. Our superior process and product will make you retail inventory stand out to those shopping thus increasing the customers stay in the store.

Qualified Products

fresh focus tube linear tube lighting
shoe boxes wall packs


healthcare facility

Titan Lighting give your providers a better work environment to see and most importantly treat a patient. Titan’s unmatched warrantee will allow you to retain tenants and limit your time chasing lights and ballasts.

Qualified Products

fuel canopy linear tube lighting
shoe boxes wall packs


gas station & truck stops

Titan will give you a crisp uniform consistent lighting across all your locations. Having our lighting will increase productivity of your service technicians and make you more money.

Qualified Products

2×2 high bays troffer fuel canopy
linear tube lighting
shoe boxes wall packs

schools & universities

Titan Upgrades will rejuvenate, refresh, and transform the look of your campus. However, the increased security and safety that comes along with a Titan upgrade is a major factor in how comfortable a potential student and family feel about attending.

Qualified Products

fuel canopy high bays linear tube lighting
shoe boxes wall packs


Partners & Awards



Energy saving of 50-75% is not uncommon after upgrading to Titan Products!! We have a
growing agent network. At Titan we provide a professional Solution where service
and commitment to you will exceed expectations.

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