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Apex 300 LED
Grow Light


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Apex 300 Grow Light

The NEW Apex 300 LED Grow Light is the top choice for indoor growing because it provides powerful and optimal LED light for growing inside. The APEX 300 Full Spectrum LED is a must have for either a “home grower” or “mass-market” uses. This Cutting-Edge LED Grow Light provides increased yield, while reducing the heat foot print over legacy lighting all while cutting energy cost from lower power consumption.

The Apex 300 will aid in growing by the healthiest plants indoor. To be sure its quality we include a 5-year guarantee on it. So, if you starting from seed or cloning existing plants you can be confident that this is the perfect choice for you indoor growing needs!!

Order now and create an amazing horticulture environment with the Apex 300 Grow Light!!!


Apex Grow Lights, are powered and backed by Titan LED. We are bringing quality, powerful and energy efficient grow lights to you. We can supply the home user or mass market indoor growing. The Apex Grow Lights give the best coverage, and the more saturation of lighting to help your plants grow quicker and denser, providing more!

PPFD Difference

Apex 300 Watt Grow Light Difference

12″ Mounting Height

Max Coverage: 2.5′ x 2.5′
18″ Mounting Height

Max Coverage: 3′ x 3′
24″ Mounting Height

Max Coverage: 3.5′ x 3.5′
30″ Mounting Height

Max Coverage: 4′ x 4′
300 LED Grow Light

Apex Full Spectrum +


The APEX Full Spectrum + was engineered to give plants the most efficient light spectrum. Whether you are growing cannabis, hemp, tomatoes, strawberries, or other fruits and vegetables. APEX Full Spectrum + utilizes several LED types from UV to Far Red to fuel whatever plant you are growing.

  • UV-A to enhance growth and flowering
  • UV-A to minimize or negate plant mold
  • White Diodes
  • Deep Red and Far Red for intense flowering
  • White light output for easy plant inspection (3800 combined LED CCT)

Apex 300 LED Grow Light

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