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Tower Garden

Growing System

“Healthy living starts with healthy eating. And healthy eating starts right at home with Tower Garden. Now it’s easier than ever to give your family the fresh, nutritious produce they need. And with over 150 vegetables, herbs and fruits to choose from, you can satisfy the pickiest of eaters.”

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Get everything you need
to start growing up to 20 plants!
Juice Plus+

What is Juice Plus+?
“With everything on our plates, making healthy decisions can be a struggle. What we should eat and what we actually eat don’t always line up. That’s why Juice Plus+ has spent more than 25 years inspiring healthier living through better nutrition and simple lifestyle changes.

With products made from more than 30 fruits, vegetables, berries, grains, and oils, we make it easier for you to get more of the nutrition you need. And before you know it, you just may be surprised at how those little changes really add up.”

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B3 Bands

“Exercise in 1/2 the Time
With 1/2 the Weight
and get Twice the Results”

“B3 Bands are the product of 40+ years of research, ingenuity, experience and over 30,000 real life exercise sessions! The B3 Bands are based on a scientific discovery in exercise that uses BFR (Blood Flow Resistance). This process uses the body’s natural systems in combination with light weight-training to produce results that will change the way you work out forever.”