“Hello World!!!
As I type this, I am sitting in Starbucks across the room from our coffee friends trying to put into words a lot of thoughts, while not letting my emotions overwhelm me in a public place. Our world has been ROCKED over the last 60 days.

I have posted sporadically since Presley passed on November 1st. I have shared memories and a few feelings. I can tell you there are a lot more than we shared. There really is no way to encapsulate or explain what happens when you lose a child, so I won’t try.

Presleys-produce-blog-mission-madness-thumbnail_Hello World

Baby Presley, about one year old.

What I will say is that the love and support from our village has been essential for us. I can also say that Rhea and I have been blessed to find each other. We hope and pray that each and every one of you can find and marry your best friend as well.

The most prevalent statement made to us is “I don’t know how you are doing it!” People want to know, “How, have we coped”? We have focused a lot of our time on our “Mission”. What is that you ask? Great question!!!
After Presley was initially diagnosed, she, Rhea, and I spoke at lengths about the mind and how important positivity is in the healing process. I felt like I was going mad, and I could not fathom how Presley felt… One day I blurted out to them “we have to find a mission in all this madness”. How can we cope and stay busy in a productive way? It resonated and we all believed that this needed to be addressed immediately.

We reasoned the best way would be for us to do something positive and productive for others. “We have to heal by helping others heal.” During this time Titan LED, the company that I work for, released an all new line of LED’s that are designed for growing. During my research into the indoor growing industry I became excited for the opportunity to be involved within this space.

What does all this mean? Well, we will tell you. Today is the official start of a new part of our life! Rhea and I would like to present to the world and most importantly Presley, Presley’s Produce(tm). Presley’s Produce is an Indiana registered 501c3. We have taken 400 sq. feet of our home and are converting the areas into vertical farms. In our spare time we will be growing organic produce and micro-greens to sell (and donate) to fund our mission(s). What are the missions? We are not completely sure. We don’t know what we don’t know as they say. I do know that one of the best days of my life was when Presley learned that this was real, and we named it after her and that we would help others in her name.

We learned that over 90% of all marriages fail when there is a loss of a child. As a product of this kind of environment I can tell you that statistic is true. Many of you may not know that our family lost 2 children when I was 11. My younger brother and sister were killed in a house fire. I wondered how my mother and father could continue. I watched our family get pulled a part because people grieve differently. Rhea and I pledge to each other DAILY not to let that happen to us. So, this is a starting point for our charity. We will examine other causes for benevolence so please reach out!!

We have invested significant $$ of our own to bring this to where it is currently. However, with something of this scope it will take the village. Right now, we need information and technical assistance. We need ideas, experienced growers/farmers, electricians, plumbers, web site development, social media help, etc… etc. And of course, we need to know the types of veggies and micro greens you like!

We are a little behind where we hoped to be, especially with the website, for the public launch however, you all know some of what we have been going through. We still feel that we are off to a tremendous start!!! It’s a marathon not a sprint, right? 🙂
We need our village, but we also want to provide something to our village as well. We felt like we need to build something that can live on its own and not rely solely on others to donate year after year without producing anything. Please understand that donations are welcomed and wanted 😉 But we feel that we could do more by creating life and providing a service.

From a “mission” perspective we do have a place to start and that is to try and help others cope with losing a child. We hope our Mission resonates and we can save a family and help a life become fulfilled. Please “like”, “comment”, but most importantly “SHARE” this post. Share her story. This is for Presley, and those she can help.

Presley, from the first moment I locked eyes with you I was in love!!! I always wanted to be a father since losing my brother and sister. I never claimed to be perfect, but it comforts me to believe that you now see everything. You know I did the right things during your time with us. Our promises to you is that we will live our lives in your honor. We will help others in your name. We will strive to make you proud forever.

Happy 16th in Heaven Pumpkin Pie!!

All our Love,

Daddy and Rhea